How to Navigate PacNW COVID-19 Resources

Overwhelmed with changing information related to COVID-19?

Us too.

We understand that it can be frustrating to have games and trainings cancelled due to constantly changing COVID-19 activity. To help players and parents locate COVID-19 related information, PacNW has restructured and added additional resources to our COVID-19 menu. These resources will help you better understand:

  • what COVID-19 metrics mean for PacNW trainings and games,
  • your role as a parent or player in preventing the spread of COVID-19,
  • what procedures you should take if you were exposed or are experiencing systems,
  • and more.

You’ll find COVID-19 resources on the main menu bar.

Scroll through the slider below for a breakdown of what you’ll find on each page. The following guide includes updated information as of October 18.

PacNW and Washington Youth Soccer comply with Washington State Government and CDC protocols and regulations; the COVID-19 information on PacNW’s website is subject to change. PacNW will do our best to keep our members updated.

Be sure to contact if you are unsure about any resources or documents.