Why PacNW?

There are many youth soccer clubs in the region – what makes our club different?

At PacNW we believe that we are distinguished because of the “3 Cs”:

Culture: Our club is extremely proud of our tight-knit, familial culture, which is developed by all teams training at a single location (Starfire), hosting several all-club bonding events throughout the year, and all players wearing the same training attire to reinforce the idea that we are unified. Additionally, our welcoming and inclusive community reflects the club’s Statement of Inclusion and Diversity: “At PacNW Soccer Club we are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment to all of our players and staff. We have a diverse organization, and we value each member’s uniqueness. As such we accept and encourage club members regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religious affiliation.”

Curriculum: All players receive training from the club’s deliberate, integrated, long-term plan for player development. This curriculum that offers a seamless transition for players from U-8 through U-19. While the specific skills and techniques will change as players mature, the tactical concepts and systems of play remain constant. At other clubs where coaches may have discretion in selecting training methodologies, at PacNW we provide a unified and consistent approach.

Coaching: Our coaching staff is the heartbeat of the club, and we are proud to have coaches who are deeply knowledgeable about the game, and also caring for their players as individuals. Our staff features a large number of U.S. Soccer “A” license holders, a former U.S. Youth Soccer National Coach of the Year, and the reigning Washington Youth Soccer Boys and Girls Competitive Coaches of the Year.