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PacNW Soccer Club is proud to partner with to provide our players with distinctive, high-quality kits. Our players purchase their full kits every two years, but players may always purchase additional items if they outgrow or damage any of their items.

Players across all age groups and teams coordinate practice uniforms on each day of the week. Players should adhere to the Practice Uniform Schedule when dressing for practice each day.

GK Numbering Policy:

Full-time GK’s will need to have a PacNW designated GK number by the age u14 or U15, depending on the start of the uniform cycle. If the player already has a GK number, they can keep that number if they choose to.

These numbers are set aside for GK’s: 00, 0, 1, 18, 36, 54, 72, and all full time GK’s will need to choose from these available numbers and only these numbers.

Required Kit Cost 2024: TBA

Optional Add-Ons:

How to Order Uniforms

To order, you will need the link to your team page from the uniform coordinator.  Contact Anita Kabato at  for your team’s link,

Watch the self-help guide, provided by