2024 Tryouts: U10 – U12 Girls and Boys

Birth Years 2013-2015

RCL Tryout dates are 4/30/2024 & 5/1/2024 (fields and times to be determined)

Registration Coming in March

On-line registration, Check-in, and Tryout Details

Registration is online only. If you have difficulty logging into your players account, please contact US Soccer Connect customer service for assistance at (888) 213-3999.
For any other questions, (unrelated to logging into your account), please contact .

  • Registration will close at 12:00 (noon) one day prior to the first day of tryouts.
  • Families are strongly encouraged to register online prior to the start of tryouts.  A very limited number of computers will be available for walk-up on-site registration (cash is not accepted). These computers are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. On-site registration may delay your ability to be on time for the start of your tryout session.
  • All players must have a parent or guardian present to register.
  • Check-in, for tryouts will take place at the field.
  • Tryout fee is $25, or $40 for walk-up registration, payable online at time of registration. Tryout fees are non-refundable.
  • Tryout check-in begins 20 minutes prior to the start of each session.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your session if you were unable to register online and need to complete registration.
  • Current PacNW players must be current on all club fees ($0 balance) in order to participate in tryouts.

Tryouts Fields, Times, & TCB Information

Please check back regularly for any updates/changes.

Boys Tryouts Dates, Times, and Locations

Age GroupDates
Boys 2015 (U10)Tues - 4/30/2024
Wed - 5/1/2024
Boys 2014 (U11)Tues - 4/30/2024
Wed - 5/1/2024
Boys 2013 (U12)Tues - 4/30/2024
Wed - 5/1/2024

Girls Tryouts Dates, Times, and Locations

Age GroupDates
Girls 2015 (U10)Tues - 4/30/2024
Wed - 5/1/2024
Girls 2014 (U11)Tues - 4/30/2024
Wed - 5/1/2024
Girls 2013 (U12)Tues - 4/30/2024
Wed - 5/1/2024

What to Wear/Bring to Tryouts

  • Bring a water bottle and an age-appropriate size soccer ball marked with your name and phone number.
  • Shin guards MUST be worn to participate.
  • Players should not wear apparel with logos from their Select, Club, or ODP team.


Tryout Results

In the event that PacNW is not the right fit for your player, our partnership with GRTYSA (www.southlakeselect.org) ensures each player has the opportunity to play soccer this year if they so desire. | Register on their website

PacNW will publish tryout results of players who make a team, using their numbered pinnie. The final decision will be made by the respective Coach with input from technical evaluators. A mandatory parent/player/coach team meeting called Taking Care of Business (TCB) happens shortly after tryouts.


YearTeamPinnie Numbers
B13 (U12)Maroon
B13 (U12)Blue
B13 (U12)White
B13 (U12)Gold
B14 (U11)Maroon
B14 (U11)Blue
B14 (U11)White
B14 (U11)Gold
B15 (U10)Maroon
B15 (U10)Blue
B15 (U10)White
B15 (U10)Gold


YearTeamPinnie Numbers
G13 (U12)Maroon
G13 (U12)Blue
G13 (U12)White
G14 (U11)Maroon
G14 (U11)Blue
G14 (U11)White
G15 (U10)Maroon
G15 (U10)Blue
G15 (U10)White


Coaching Staff

Boys Coaching staff 2024-2025

Age GroupTeamCoach
U10B2015 Maroon
U10B2015 Blue
U10B2015 White
U10B2015 Gold
U11B2014 Maroon
U11B2014 Blue
U11B2014 White
U11B2014 Gold
U12B2013 Maroon
U12B2013 Blue
U12B2013 White
U12B2013 Gold

Girls Coaching Staff 2024-2025

Age GroupTeamCoach
U10G2015 Maroon
U10G2015 Blue
U10G2015 White
U11G2014 Maroon
U11G2014 Blue
U11G2014 White
U12G2013 Maroon
U12G2013 Blue
U12G2013 White