PacNW Winter Classic 2023 Tournament Rules


Tournament Rules (not applicable for ECNL, league rules apply for those games)

All games will be played under FIFA rules with USYSA adjustments for youth competition with the following additions and clarifications:


Current digital or laminated USYSA player cards, incl US Club or WSYSA player cards will be required of all players as proof of age and must be available for inspection at all times including the start of each game.  Signed Team Rosters must be uploaded to Team Dashboard at least one week prior to start of tournament.  Teams must be made up of players all from the same organization, all USYSA or US Club, can’t be mix and match.  We will download and keep a roster signed by your Association registrar.

Medical release forms for each player, signed by parents/legal guardians, will be required to be kept by teams to have on hand at all times at all games and be able to be presented.

A forfeit will be declared if a team cannot field and maintain a minimum of seven (7) players (11v11) or five (5) players (9v9 or 7v7) for the entire game, beginning five (5) minutes after the scheduled game starting time.   All forfeits are always recorded as 1-0. (8 points)

The home team will change jerseys in the case of a color conflict. The home team will supply the game ball, unless supplied by the Tournament.

Teams will be allowed a maximum of 6 loan players.

Each team will be guaranteed 3 games.

Each team will have the following roster limits…

U15-19… 22 players

U13-14… 18 players

U11-12… 16 players

U10…..   12 players

Players wearing a cast of any kind will be allowed upon approval from the Referee assigned to the game.

The Tournament Director will determine all decisions regarding playability of fields prior to the start of a game.

At the start of the match, it will be the decision of the referee whether or not playing conditions are safe. If a game is stopped, the team in the lead at the time of stoppage wins.  If the game is tied, the result will be a tie.

If a semi-final game is tied at the time of stoppage, the game will immediately go to Kicks from the Mark. Preliminary games can end in a tie.

It is the responsibility of the coach to inform all players, substitutes and spectators of the Tournament Rules. The Tournament Director has the final decision regarding the interpretation of the Tournament Rules.

NO TEAM REFUND POLICY – There will be no refunds upon receipt of approval into the tournament. This policy is enforced because there are those few teams that withdraw without just cause before, during and after the schedules we post. The 1% of applicants withdrawing, this way, cause the responsible 99% scheduled tremendous grief due to multiple schedule changes.

TOURNAMENT CANCELLATION POLICY – In the event of inclement weather or circumstances out of the tournaments control causing a Full Event Cancellation, PacNW may refund a maximum of 75% of the Tournament Registration Fees.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to amend brackets in the event a team pulls out at the last minute or is a no show. Director will ensure the remaining teams are provided with the best possible tournament competition play for the good of the game.



(Not Applicable for ECNL Games)

1. 2013’s will play 7v7, 2011-2012 will play 9v9, with the remaining ages playing 11v11.

2. Length of games, except championship games:

  • 2013-2011 – two 25-minute halves with five minutes between halves.
  • 2010-2008 – two 30-minute halves with five minutes between halves.
  • 2007-2004 – two 35-minute halves with five minutes between halves.  (during round robin play only for Showcase, Semis/Finals are 30 min)

3. Ball size

  • 2013-2011 – Use a size 4 ball
  • 2010-2004 – Use a size 5 ball.

4. There will be no stoppage time for injuries.

5. U10-U12 will use a build out line during all games

6. Games will start on time. If the games start late the tournament director will make a decision on the length of the game to keep on time.  If they do start late for any reason the game will end no more than five minutes after the scheduled time.

7. Semifinals and Finals games in all divisions will be played with the following duration … U10-12 are 25 min halves and U13-19 are 30 min halves

8. Games ending in a Draw (Tiebreakers)

  • Pool Play Games – there will be no tiebreaker exercised.
  • Semi-Final Games- tiebreakers will decided by the taking of FIFA Kicks from the Mark immediately following regulation time.
  • Championship Games – If the score is tied at the end of Regulation, then FIFA Kicks from the Mark will commence.



Winners of division play will be selected on the basis of the most total points after pool play is complete. Scoring will be on a 10-point system.

Six (6) points for a win, Three (3) points for a tie, Zero (0) points for a loss, One (1) point for a shutout, and One (1) point for each goal scored, with a maximum of three. A game ending with a final score of 0-0 will result in both teams being awarded 4 points (3 points for the tie and 1 point for a shutout).

A forfeit will always be scored as a 1-0 win with eight (8) points awarded.



In the event that two or more teams tie for the most points in pool play, the following criteria shall be applied in the order listed until the tie is broken:

1. Head to head competition.

2. Goal differential (Goals For – Goals Against) (Max Diff of 4 per game)

3. Fewest goals allowed.

4. Goals scored, up to 4 per game.

5. Penalty kicks – to break a tie between 2 teams who are both trying to get a final spot in the Semi’s will be taken thirty minutes prior to the scheduled start of the semifinal or final game.  If both teams have qualified to get into the Semi’s and all other tie-breakers are the same, then a coin will be flipped for seeding purposes only.

** One rule regarding the “Wildcard Team – Best 2nd Place” in a 12 team bracket, they normally play #1 from A… BUT, if Best 2nd place team comes from A, then Best 2nd will play B Winner and the winner of bracket A will then play winner of bracket C.


Substitutions will be allowed during any stoppage in play and only with the referee’s permission.

A player receiving a yellow card may be substituted at the time of the caution.

A player given a red card or two yellow cards in one game shall be ejected from that game and shall not be replaced.



1. All players and coaches will be expected to demonstrate good sportsmanlike conduct.

2. Any player or coach issued a red card that is upheld, will not be able to participate in at least the following tournament game. A stiffer penalty may be imposed for extreme violations (such as violent conduct) at the Tournament Director’s discretion.

3. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, substitutes and spectators.

4. All referee decisions are final. THERE WILL BE NO APPEALS, ARBITRATION OR RECOURSE.

5. If, in the opinion of game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, substitutes, coaches or spectators, the offending team could be suspended from further play, forfeiting that game and all remaining games. All previously played games would be re-entered as forfeits, with points awarded accordingly. Additionally, the offending team’s home league and state association will be contacted, as appropriate.



1. Inappropriate conduct by your team’s spectators can jeopardize your coach and/or team.

2. At no time is there to be any alcoholic beverages at the tournament site. Violators will be prosecuted.

3. Pets are NOT allowed – anywhere.

4. After each game, please pick up the trash on your sideline and place it in one of the provided receptacles.

5. Please help us keep on time by immediately collecting your things and clearing your sideline after your game. This will allow the next team to move into position and prepare for the start of their game.