Boys College Campus Visit

Saturday – November 9, 2019 – Seattle University vs San Jose State (1pm kick off)

We are excited to announce that the 2019 College Campus Visit is to Seattle University on Saturday, November 9th, with the SU Men hosting San Jose State. All PacNW players in High School (BU15-U19) are invited and highly encouraged to attend this free event sponsored by the PacNW College Prep program. Players are bussed on Charter busses from Starfire to SU where they have a tour of the campus and facilities, eat, and watch a great soccer game. We would like all players to attend if possible even if they are not particularly interested in the Seattle University soccer program as this tour helps all student athletes see what a large city campus is like, bond with other team and club mates, and watch a DI level game.


  • Free transportation to and from the fields
  • Tour of the facilities
  • Free lunch provided to players
  • Seattle University Coach will speak to PacNW Juniors and Seniors (NCAA rules do not allow Freshman and Sophomore to be addressed directly by the College Coaches).
  • San Jose State Coach will speak to PacNW Juniors and Seniors.

Boys Schedule: 

  • 9:45am Players meet at Starfire
  • 10:10am Group picture & leave Starfire for SU
  • 11:00am PacNW players arrive at SU and Campus Tour
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 12:30pm Watch teams warm up
  • 1:00pm Watch Game SU vs San Jose State
  • 3:00pm Busses depart for Starfire
  • 3:30pm Arrive at Starfire

Chartered Busses:

  • If players don’t want to take the bus to and from Starfire they can drive, park on their own, and meet the group at SU. Those driving will need to meet us at the entrance to the soccer fields at 11:00 am and are responsible for their own parking fees.

Players – Tickets, Food and What to Wear: 

  • Tickets to the game and food will be provided. (Players must bring their own drinks and or $$$ for drinks)
  • There will likely be a concession stand to buy hot cocoa and additional snacks during the game. Bring $$$ if you want to buy something at the game.
  • Mandatory – White PacNW Dri-fit, Black PacNW Warm up Jacket, Black PacNW Nike pants and tennis shoes.Former PacNW Coach Jesus “Chuy” Sanchez will be coaching for San Jose State

    Go Pac!!!