PAC Gives Back Requirements, Guidelines, & Suggestions

PAC Gives Back – Community Service Project Requirements

  • Each Pac NW team is required to complete one community service related project during the year.  At least 50% of the team must participate in the event for it to count towards PAC Gives Back credit.
  • Project must be pre-approved by Community Relations board member (
  • Once completed teams need to submit a short write up and photo(s) for website inclusion to Community Relations board member (


PAC Gives Back – Community Service Project Guidelines & Suggestions

  • Teams should go out into the community and give back - There are several opportunities in our own community that we can support; planting trees at parks, volunteering at Northwest Harvest or Renton Area Youth Services, running in the Wings of Karen 5K.  See website for what other teams have done in the past. 
  • Collections/Drives – these ideas are great and are often very successful; however we cannot set up collection bins in the clubhouse or solicit solely from PAC families.  If your team would like to do a drive/collection (i.e. coats, food, school supplies, etc.) they will need to solicit from outside family and friends and perhaps set up a donation site at a local grocery store or Fred Meyer and advertise collecting items there. 
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