2017 Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, June 13 - 6:00 pm

Important Notice Regarding 2017 Annual General Meeting

PacNW Members:

The Pacific Northwest Soccer Club Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13, 2017 beginning at 6:00pm in the Starfire Classroom.  The AGM is an important meeting for the election of new Board members and ratification of changes to our club bylaws.  Please read all of this email as it contains important information about the open Board positions, nomination process, and election procedure.

All PacNW members are invited and encouraged to attend the AGM.  At this year’s AGM the following Board positions will be open for election: Treasurer, Vice President of Development, Registrar, Vice President of Communications.  Each position has a two-year term.  A brief description of each Board position is as follows:

Treasurer: Have charge and custody of and be responsible for keeping correct and complete books and records of account with the aid of a book keeper, for all funds and securities of the Club;

  • Track the moneys due and payable to the Club from any source whatsoever;
  • Provide properly authorized disbursements of Club budgeted funds and funds raised from sources other than player registration and other fees, and sign orders on the Treasury;
  • Deposit all monies of Club in a chartered bank with the aid of the book keeper in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws;
  • Publish a financial statement, including income and expenses for the past fiscal year, to be presented at the Annual General Meeting as part of the Club’s Annual Report;
  • Publish a monthly financial statement of all income and expenses, for the previous month’s financial activity, to be presented to the Executive Board;
  • Chair the Budget Committee meetings and prepare an annual budget. The Budget Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President of Operations, and other persons as shall be appointed by the Executive Board.
  • Sign orders on the treasury.

Vice President of Development: Work closely with the GRTSA and KCYSA Vice President of Competition, Vice President of Competition and Vice President of Development, attending all Development Committee meetings;

  • Attend all Club meetings;
  • Track the licensing level and dates of license for each coach in the Club;
  • Work with the Technical Director and Director of Coaching (DOC) to supply coaches with information concerning licensing or advancement of licensing;

Registrar: Maintain accurate records of the names and addresses of all members

  • Supervise and assist in all matters pertaining to the registration of players in accordance with registration rules of the WYS per ref. A). 
  • Ensuring all coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, and treasurers, Executive Board members and committee chairs are cleared through WYS Risk Management before commencing their duties for the Club.
  • Supervise and assist in all matters pertaining to the registration of players in accordance with WYS rules and regulations.
  • Be knowledgeable in registration rules and stay current with changes.
  • Maintain orderly files of all required documents pertaining to player/team registration and Risk Management clearance.
  • Maintain accurate records of the names and address of all members.
  • Ensure all coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, team managers, team treasurers, Executive Board members and committee chairs are cleared through WYS Risk Management prior to commencing their duties for the club.
  • Oversee Assistant Registrar, Camp/Academy/Clinic Registrar and other registrars as assigned.
  • Reconcile billings for player counts to insure accuracy of payment.
  • Maintain computer database of player and event registrations.

Vice President of Communications:

  • Responsible for Social Media Rep.
  • Responsible for Web Master / IT.
  • Responsible for Marketing Director and its requirements.
  • Director of the Referee Coordinator.
  • Responsible for the Disciplinary Rep for the Club and its requirements.
  • Marketing of the Club to interested parties (parents, players, coaches, school districts).
  • Publicity, via traditional channels (newspaper, school flyers) & new social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs).
  • Work with web master to post articles & announcements.
  • Assist with the Club's Information Technology needs.
  • Coordinate with Club Referee Assignor.
  • Coordinate with RCL & State Disciplinary Committees.

Additional information about each of these positions is found in the PacNW bylaws, available here.

Nomination Procedure:

In order to be considered for election to these positions, interested PacNW members must submit a nomination no later than Wednesday, May 30, 2017 (two weeks prior to the AGM).  Nominations must be submitted to secretary@pacnwsc.org.  A nomination should include the candidate’s name, the position(s) the candidate seeks to run for, and a brief biographical statement.  Per the PacNW bylaws, no nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM.  If they desire, each candidate will have an opportunity to make a brief statement to the PacNW members in attendance prior to the casting of ballots. 

Election Procedure:

Each PacNW team is granted one vote for each of the Board positions and bylaw changes presented at the AGM.  All teams are required to elect a primary and alternate team representative in advance of the AGM.  This team representative will have the authority to cast their team’s vote.  The name of the team representative and alternate must be submitted to the PacNW Secretary (secretary@pacnwsc.org) by Thursday, June 1, 2017.

In accordance with the PacNW bylaws, voting by proxy is not permissible, so the team representative or alternate must be present at the AGM to cast their team’s vote.  If the primary team representative is unavailable, the alternate team representative may exercise the right to vote.  Team representatives must sign in at the AGM to receive their team’s ballot.

AGM Timeline:

  • Wednesday, May 30, 2017 - Names of AGM team representative and alternate representative submitted to PacNW Secretary
  • Thursday, June 1, 2017 - Nomination forms for Board positions submitted to PacNW Secretary
  • Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - List of candidates for Board positions distributed to team representatives and alternates
  • Tuesday, June 13, 2017 -  2017 AGM at 6:00pm in Starfire Classroom. All team representatives or alternates must check-in to receive ballot and cast their team’s vote

The PacNW Board plays a critical role in the operation of our club.  The Board is responsible for mapping the overall strategic plan of the club, managing finances, setting policy, and organizing large-scale events such as the Golf Classic, Car Raffle, and Winter Classic.  The Board delegates most on-field soccer decisions to the Technical Committee, but becomes involved when issues arise.  The Board meets at least twice per month for approximately 2 hours, and there are often additional time commitments beyond the regularly scheduled meetings (e.g., tryouts and TCB meetings).

Questions regarding the 2017 AGM and any of the open Board positions may be sent to secretary@pacnwsc.org.


PacNW takes A LOT of volunteer hours each year to run smoothly. Our Board of Directors are all parent volunteers in the Club along with several Board appointed positions. We have several opportunities this year including these immediate openings.

Accepting emails with short bio's and interest through May 30

Contact secretary@pacnwsc.org with a short bio on your qualifications by May 30

Social Media Rep 

Job Duties 

  • create and maintain relevant social media accounts 
  • track social media trends  
  • propose and execute creative strategies with VP Communications 


  • proven knowledge in social medias 
  • understand the concept behind PacNW brand 
  • able to make creative suggestions in the interest of the organization 
  • excellent written communication skills 
  • collect and post social media throughout the year via socialmedia@pacnwsc.org 
  • Benefit – uniform kit or $400 annual credit 


Job Duties 

  • Create and maintain team web pages
  • Create and post home page articles
  • Propose and execute creative strategies with VP Communications 
  • Update department pages and coordinate updated information with stakeholders
  • Work with graphic/web designer to support redesign and platform updates


  • Proven knowledge in marketing and web content
  • Understand the concept behind PacNW brand 
  • Able to make creative suggestions in the interest of the organization 
  • Basic graphic/web design skills and knowledge of HTML
  • Benefit – player fees and uniform kit

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator works under the direction of the VP of Community Relations.  This position is responsible for the coordination of Pacific Northwest Soccer Club camps and programs, including:

  • Fall Festival
  • Finishing and Foot Skills Schools
  • High School Girls Camp
  • Summer Camps
  • U23 Summer Program
  • Winter Camp

Duties include:

  • Creating Affinity registration platforms for camps and programs
  • Coordinating with designated directors for scheduling of fields and facilities for camps and programs
  • Event check-in for camps and programs
  • Volunteer coordination for camps and programs
  • Preparing a profit and loss report at the conclusion of each camp and program

The Program Coordinator has frequent contact and interactions with new club members, some of which who are unfamiliar with the practices of our club or club soccer. Because of this, it is critical that the holder of this position possess excellent customer service and interpersonal communication skills. 
Additional critical skills and abilities include:

  • Organization
  • Self starter
  • Ability to meet timelines
  • Ability to work with collaboratively with others 


Thank you for your continued support of Pacific Northwest Soccer Club!

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