Tryouts/Placement: Girls Birth Years 2002-2005

Tryouts completed April 2020.  Tryouts for 2021 TBD.

Registration for 2021-22 Season TBD

Coaching Staff

Age GroupTeamCoachEmail
G02ECNLMalia Arrant
G02MaroonTom Moore
G02/03ECNL CompositeLyndsey Patterson
G03MaroonRyan Dortch
G04ECNLViet Nguyen
G04MaroonEugene Poublon
G04BlueKailiana Johnson
G05ECNLRyan Dortch
G05MaroonLindsey Patterson
G05BlueRobyn Saarenas

2020-2021 Club Fees

Fees will be calculated once the coronavirus  quarantine and related restrictions are lifted: