PacNW Personal Training

Several PacNW coaches offer one-on-one or small group training opportunities. Any agreement for training is between the specific player and coach; the club is not involved in any way. Private trainings are available for any soccer player – you need not be a member of PacNW Soccer Club to participate. To sign up for private training sessions, please contact the coach directly.

By entering into an agreement for private training from any coach currently employed by PacNW Soccer Club, you voluntarily agree to assume the risks associated with soccer, including the risk of injury. You agree to assume full responsibility for any injuries or loss that may result from these private trainings, and you agree not to institute any claim or legal action against PacNW for any claims arising from the private training.

Available Trainers

Lyndsey Patterson

Work hard, have fun, compete, set goals and learn from every mistake!

Neil O'Brien

I have read every autobiography a soccer player or coach has…

Viet Nguyen

Developing players on and off the field is my passion.

Vince McCluskey

I absolutely LOVE the game of soccer.