PacNW Acknowledgement Regarding Knowing Violation of RCS Policy

This year members of Washington Youth Soccer’s Regional Club Subcommittee (RCS) developed a new process for team placement and player registration in lieu of on-field tryouts for the 2020-21 season.  The RCS is the governing body for the Regional Club League (RCL).

Part of this new policy was an arrangement between RCL clubs that returning players and players from other non-RCL clubs could register for the upcoming season beginning on May 1, 2020. Players from other RCL clubs who wished to change clubs could complete the registration process on May 5, 2020.

PacNW knowingly violated the terms of this arrangement by sending out a registration invitation email on April 28, 2020, which was 3 days before the May 1, 2020 registration open date. As a result of this violation, the club has been sanctioned by the RCS. We continue to work with the RCS to address the situation.  PacNW will not be registering any additional players until May 5, 2020, and any players who registered before May 1 will be entitled to receive a refund for any amounts paid.  PacNW apologizes to Washington Youth Soccer, the other RCL member clubs, their families, and in particular, the players.  We will work very hard to try to regain all of your trust with our club.

As a result of this violation, we have accepted the following punishment imposed by the RCS:

  • PacNW Technical Director Leighton O’Brien is immediately removed from the Regional Club Subcommittee (RCS).
  • PacNW RCL membership status is reduced from Full Member to Provisional Member for a minimum of (3) three years; PacNW will have no voting rights and PacNW will need to reapply for Full Membership no earlier than the November 2023 Full Member Application process.
  • Any player registered with PacNW before May 1, 2020, MUST be notified IMMEDIATELY regarding PacNW’s violation of the Policy, offered a FULL refund, and allowed to re-register with another club. Players have until May 31, 2020, to request registration with another club; the RCL Commissioner MUST be copied on emails to impacted players.
  •  PacNW MUST not register any player until May 5, 2020 – ALL player registration MUST stop until May 5, 2020