PacNW introduces new process for 2020-21 tryouts

What you need to know about Team Placement:

While closures due to the Coronavirus for Washington Youth Soccer remain in place, PacNW is still accepting new and returning players for the 2020-21 season with a new Team Placement process.

All clubs in the Washington Youth Soccer Regional Club league will follow this same process. However, this process does not apply to high school boys, who already completed their tryouts in February.

Players with birth years 2002-2013 are welcome to request a Team Placement and become part of the PacNW family by following the directions below.

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The process is easy, and involves three steps:

All players who wish to play for the club for the 2020-21 season MUST submit a request for a team placement. This includes both current PacNW players as well as players from outside the club (USSDA, PSPL, etc.). There is no cost to request a team placement, and you can click below for your age group.

Placement requests are open as of Sunday, April 19.

Find the link for your age group’s team placement here 

Once you place a placement request, a member of the PacNW coaching staff will reach out to you regarding players’ team placement. Once a coach reaches out, players will have the opportunity to accept or decline the roster spot. This will be done within the week of registration opening.

All that’s left is to complete the club registration once a player commits to a PacNW team! The following steps must be completed by these dates:

  • May 1: All current PacNW players will receive their club registration email and must complete the registration within 24 hours to “reserve” their spot on the team. At the time of registration, players with birth years 2002 – 2011 will be required to make a $240 non-refundable registration fee (reduced from standard fee of $425).
  • May 5: All non-PacNW players (i.e., players who did not play for PacNW last year) who have accepted a spot on will receive a club registration email and must complete the registration within 24 hours to “reserve” their spot on the team. At the time of registration players will be required to make a $240 non-refundable registration fee (reduced from standard fee of $425).

Financial Arrangements for 2020-21:

More details will be provided on our Zoom call on Tuesday night at 6:00 P.M., but for the upcoming season the club will be changing how it charges fees in order to reduce financial burdens for our families. We will also be offering a “virtual training” fee of $95 per month for the time until we are able to resume with normal training schedules at Starfire.


We recognize that this is a new and unique process and that there may be questions. We’ve assembled an FAQ to hopefully provide some clarity.

Q: Is my PacNW player guaranteed a spot on the same team that I was on this year?

A: No. All current PacNW players are guaranteed a spot within the club for the 2020-21 season, but not specifically on the same team that they were on for the 2019-20 season.

Q: How will PacNW coaches make their decisions regarding team placements?

A: Team placements will only be made after extensive consultation between a player’s coach, the respective director, and the club’s Technical Director. Each placement will be based on a player’s development and performance during the 2019-20 season, and the overall player pool for the age group.

Q: What club and player fees can I expect for the 2020-21 season?

A: The club has not yet determined the exact fees for the 2020-21 season. The total amount of each player’s financial commitment will depend on the specific timing of when the coronavirus quarantine and related restrictions will be lifted or relaxed.

Q: Will there be player movement between teams even after the placement?

A: Yes. Our coaches intend to roster lower team sizes at our higher-level teams (e.g., ECNL) to allow for players to move up depending on their development and the team needs. This policy will remain consistent with club policy from previous years.

Q: How did PacNW come up with this process for player selection?

A: This tryout/placement process has been defined by Washington Youth Soccer in the wake of coronavirus and the ensuing government regulations. This same process is being followed by all member clubs who participate in the Regional Club League (RCL), including Seattle United, Eastside FC, Washington Premier, and Crossfire Premier.

Q: How does this process impact non-PacNW players who might be interested in joining the club?

A: All current PacNW players will be offered a spot with the club for the 2020-21 season. After all current PacNW players have had a chance to register for the upcoming season, players from other RCL clubs may be offered a chance to register for unfilled spots (if any) on PacNW teams. We expect this will happen on or around May 5. Please note that this timeline only applies for player movement between RCL clubs, and does not apply to players from non-RCL clubs (e.g., USSDA, Puget Sound Premier League, etc.).

Q: I have a high school boy and we have already completed tryouts and paid our registration fee. Do I need to do anything?

A: No. The information in this email only pertains to the April/May tryout cycle.

Q: Do I need to buy a new uniform kit for my player this year?

A: Yes. The club operates on a 2-year uniform cycle and this is the first year of a new cycle. We have worked with Nike and in order to reduce the cost of our standard kit by nearly $100 in recognition of the fact that many families may be under financial stress during these unprecedented times. In addition, we are proud to have US Bank as our new jersey sponsor and we expect all players to wear the new kit. We are asking all returning players to make their kit purchase by July 1, and we will send out further information regarding this process.