LAST UPDATED: October 13, 2020

PacNW Soccer Club is dedicated to keeping players, families, and coaches safe while COVID-19 is still prevalent. The health and safety of its members and affiliates is its top priority. PacNW is following return to play guidelines recommended by Washington Youth Soccer. PacNW is committed to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 so we can all safely return to practices and games asks that players and parents do their part as well.  Return to Play Updates are posted regularly on the WYS website.

This information pertains mainly to games rather than weekly PacNW training.

October 6th, Governor Inslee’s office issued a list of requirements under COVID-19 Phase 2 and 3 for all sporting activities. Information specific to school and non-school youth team sports is located on page 2.


Washington Youth Soccer published game day protocols in response to new guidelines released by the Washington State Governor’s office.  Links to specific documentation can be found below as well as on the WYS website.


October 13th, Governor Inslee’s office posted Sporting Activities Frequently Asked Questions to offer further guidance on the Professional Sports  & Other Sporting Activities COVID-19 Requirements.  This document answers questions specific to where to find current numbers per county and how often the numbers should be checked.