Goalkeeper Training


Message from Malia Arrant, Pacific Northwest Soccer Club DOC:

  • * GK training schedule will be posted on the website at pacificnorthwestsoccerclub.org under Programs and Goalkeeper Training.
  • ” ***GK training is MANDATORY, all GK’s should be at their age group sessions. If GK training and your team training are at the same time, the GK should go to the GK training (and miss part of their team training).

GK Manager

Contact info for GK Manager Staci Dao:
Email: stacidao@hotmail.com
Cell: 206-719-3265

 THE NEXT GOALKEEPER TRAINING IS  ON MONDAY, 9/24/18 on Field 4 South with ROTATING INTERIM Goalkeeper Coaches until the interview process is complete and a permanent Goalkeeper Coach is hired. A Club wide announcement will be made introducing the new Goalkeeper Coach at a later date.

THE GOALKEEPER COACH FOR MONDAY, 9/24/18 IS: TO BE ANNOUNCED. Keep checking back here.

Please attend the appropriate age group training for your birth year! Please remember to sign in. Staci Dao, Goalkeeper Manager will also be at the field on Mondays until the permanent Coach is in place.

5:00-6:00  Birth years 2007-2009

6:00-7:00  Birth years 2005-2006

7:00-8:00  Birth years 2003-2004

8:00-9:00  Birth years 2000-2002

Welcome to PacNW Soccer Club! I need the following information from ALL Goalkeepers (even if you are not new to the club!) Please email to me at stacidao@hotmail.com. Thank you!

  1. Player Name:
  2. Player Team (ie: B01 Maroon):
  3. Player Coach:
  4. Player Jersey Number:
  5. Player email (if there is one):
  6. Player cell:
  7. Parent names:
  8. Parent cells:
  9. Parent emails:

CONTACT STACI DAO AT stacidao@hotmail.com or 206-719-3265 with questions!

Age GroupsTimesDayStart DateEnd Date
2007-20095:00 - 6:00Mondays 6/4/18 
2005-20066:00 - 7:00Mondays 6/4/18 
2003-20047:00 - 8:00Mondays 6/4/18 
2002-20008:00 - 9:00Mondays 6/4/18 

Please attend the age group training for your birth year unless approved to attend a different level.

GK Training Calendar