PacNW Players! With the Holiday Break Approaching its Time to "Own Your Development" and Complete Our Skill-Building Challenges!
At PacNW Soccer Club, we believe that it is important for our players to continue to work on developing as a player even when they are at home. With the club-wide break from training approaching, it's a great time for players to work on completing our skill challenges videos, which are available online here
We encourage all players to work at completing all of these skill challenges during the 2-week break from training over the holiday season. Here are some tips for completing these skill-building challenges: 
1. Set a goal to complete all 24 skill challenges over a 2-week period. Write down your goals! 
2. Pick a partner to hold you accountable for completing certain challenges. 
3. Post your progress on your social media accounts. Tag @pacnwsc so we can share it! 
4. Keep track of your progress as you accomplish new challenges. 
Don't forget that our PacNW coaches only get a few hours each week to work with players.  There are MANY more hours in the week for players to develop on their own. We encourage all players to work on ball mastery on their own! 
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