Jr Program 2016-2017





Jr Program

Jr Program Overview

Pac NW places a high level of importance on the technical development of it’s youngest players. We recognize that this is where the future begins and consequently, our priority in the junior program is the development of each and every player that attends. 

The U8 & U9 Junior Program will serve as a development bridge between the financial and cultural variances between recreation and premier soccer, whilst providing the players, parents and guardians with an introduction into the professional coaching culture.



  • Address and meet the needs and demands for professional training at U8 – U9.
  • Create a high performance culture for liked minded players.
  • Meet the changing demands of the soccer landscape in WA.
  • Provide players and parents with opportunities for professional coaching.
  • Provide player development opportunities that are not currently on offer by the association or surrounding organizations.
  • Provide a road map for the overall development of the player on and off the field.
  • Increase participation within Pac NW.
  • Increased retention of player in Pac NW.
  • Increase brand awareness and appeal of Pac NW.



  • Increase technical competency and preparation in the following areas:
  • Balance, coordination and control.
  • Dribbling and ball control.
  • Skill development – Fakes and Moves.
  • Development of positive game behaviors – Creative, attacking players.
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